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En la montaña, 2020

"EN LA MONTAÑA" is a compilation of images and small poems made between 2016 and 2019, a period that marks a stage in my life in which I decided to renounce a lifestyle that I was always led to believe was mandatory but that It never made sense to me At the same time it is a commitment to find the universal and eternal in the most daily and personal.
There are 84 pages with photographs and some poems printed on matt couché paper. I have a limited number of copies since it is a self published book.

n o   s e r v i c e   vol.1, 2021

Publication in conjunction with ALdo Izquierdo Vázquez
At some point in the year 2020 we both agreed on a feeling of suffocation in the face of the limitations in format and content that comes with presenting material on social networks, the lack of alternatives for photographic publication and the almost non-existent tradition of the photobook in our country. Given this, we felt the need to create an alternative on our own.
Self published book made in Costa Rica

by Aldo Izquierdo Vázquez and Emiliano Zúñiga

Edition of 100

28 page book stitched by hand, it comes inside a folder.

21cm x 27cm +/-

18 photographs, 5 written by both artists, accompanied by a special notebook for the translation of the texts from Spanish to English.

* This is a handmade book. As with any living object, handmade books are prone to unique imperfections.


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